Two great venues, perfect weather and ice-cream!

Liz and Steve’s wedding ceremony was held at Chester register office. I got to the ceremony about 45 minutes early, plenty of time to chat to the registrars and wait for Steve to arrive with the guests. Liz came to Chester in a really cool iconic WV Beetle car and some of the other guests arrived in a VW Camper van, they both looked great! After the ceremony we went to Cherry Orchard Lake for the reception.

We were blown away by Cherry Orchard Lake and the marquee setup by Delamere Events! The venue looked incredible! We wanted the VWs to be in a few of the photos and the guys who own them were really helpful getting them into position for the photos. The ice-cream van and all the cakes were a real hit with the adults kids! The lake made a great background for Liz and Steve’s photos. The marquee had tons of little personal details, the glass jars with names on, the flags hanging from the ceiling and the kids play area looked great. I’m sure Liz and Steve’s little-ones enjoyed the day too!

Below are a few photos from the day, more will be added to our gallery soon.

1_cherry_orchard_lake 2_chester_regestry_office_arrival 3_ceremony_chester_wedding1 4_ceremony_chester_wedding2 5_ceremony_chester_wedding3 6_chester_regestry_office_outside 7_chester_regestry_office_outside2 8_cherry_orchard_lake2 9_cherry_orchard_lake1 10_cherry_orchard_lake_group 11_cherry_orchard_lake_5 12_cherry_orchard_lake_4 13_cherry_orchard_lake_7 14_cherry_orchard_lake_6 15_vw_bus_wedding 16_vw_bus_wedding_2 17_bride_groom_icecream 18_speeches_wedding 19_speeches_wedding_2 20_together 21_outside