A few weeks ago I had a little one in the studio for a photo session. It was a successful session, even though there was less time than a usual session with babies that age. I was inspired! I’ve been doing photography professionally for a few years now, I have gained a lot more confidence and I have improved my technique. I was able to get some beautiful shots and I wanted to offer this incredible new session to more clients. The Newborn MINI Studio Session was born!

What’s the difference between a standard newborn session and a mini newborn session?
Our Newborn Mini Studio Sessions are perfect if you only want a few pictures of your newborn baby. In our standard newborn sessions we allow 3-4 hours, so there is time for a variety of poses, shots with siblings and a few with Mummy and Daddy too. A typical newborn mini session takes less time – around an hour to an hour and a half, so the focus of the session is just on the baby, and whatever baby is doing during that time. It could be sleepy portraits and it could be wide awake portraits. Awake portraits may not be as easy to pose but we can guarantee that you will get some images that you will treasure forever.

Ideally the session should take place within the first two weeks of your baby’s life if you hope to achieve ‘sleepy’ portraits. We will use a variety backgrounds to suit your baby or to suit your taste. We welcome breast feeding mummy’s and we do our best to make mummy as comfortable as possible with our nursing chair, snacks and drinks.

Our Newborn Mini Studio Sessions are priced from £160 and include digital media (USB memory stick or DVD etc.) containing ALL the edited images from the session in high resolution, one large (12″x8″ or square equivalent) print and two medium (9″x6″ or square equivalent) prints.
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– Debra

Newborn Mini Photography Cheshire