My new home office space will be finished very soon but that’s not the surface the title of this post refers to. My desktop PC is REALLY fast and will be a very fast computer for photo editing for a long time to come, but I have wanted a portable computer for ages. I used to have a laptop but found it great for everything but photo editing so that was passed on to my eldest daughter for minecrafting and homework. I have had a Microsoft Surface (RT) tablet for a while, if you don’t know about the Surface RT it is a tablet that runs windows 8 but can only use windows apps acquired from the windows store, much like an iPad can only get apps from the App Store. I liked the form factor of my Surface RT but wanted to be able to run full programs and work on it so… I have just bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 3… and I REALLY like it. I have only started using it a bit but ill post more in the next few weeks on how I find it and more on what I like and don’t like.