Sheffield’s ‘Out of This World’ event was the perfect day out for us; Doctor Who, robots and other sci-fi stuff, pretty much everything our three girls (and me!) enjoy, all in one place. I did the usual thing of popping a big DSLR camera in my bag and not using it at all! I blame Ricoh for designing such a good little camera with the Ricoh GR. I’ve had the camera for a while now and I can’t praise it enough, it’s really discreet and can be operated completely one handed. I’ll write a review of the Ricoh GR one day, it’ll probably be very old fashioned by the time I get round to it!

Here’s a few photos from the day, bear in mind (I’m thinking of a grizzly one now!) that these are low res copies and I have ramped up the contrast, grain etc. to look a bit more ‘film’ like in Lightroom – The GR can give you really nice clean images.

00003R0001255 00005R0001270 00002R0001345 00007R0001305 00014R0001325 00019R0001337 00018R0001333 00020R0001341 00022R0001344 00017R0001329 00009R0001307 00006R0001303 00011R0001315